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About Us

About Medsarc

Healthcare that goes above and beyond

Medsarc Gurugram believes a patient relationship is a partnership that spans a lifetime and that two-way communication is the key to good health. We strive to provide patient-centric healthcare and invite our patients and their families to be a part of the care team, as equal members in the decision-making and treatment process.

Each of our primary care providers goes beyond annual exams and diagnosis or treatments to view each patient as a whole. We work to become familiar with patients’ lifestyle and health patterns in order to provide comprehensive guidance in managing health care needs.

Our primary care providers prioritize accessibility, communication, and compassion in partnering with our patients. Using a broad range of knowledge and expertise, our doctors work with each patient to manage both immediate and long-term needs and strive to ensure that patients feel confident and secure with our healthcare services.

We look forward to working with you and your family to help you maintain good health. You also can count on us to be there should you or a loved one ever become ill, injured, or have concerns about a health issue.


  • We foster an environment of courtesy and respect every day.
  • Every patient, one at a time, deserves the right to be individually cared for.
  • We’ll be considerate of your time. We will attempt to see each patient as close to their scheduled appointment as possible.
  • We welcome our patient’s input and encourage our patients to tell us how we are doing.
  • Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to doing our job in a manner that least inconveniences our patients.
  • We practice patient-centric medicine at our practice.
  • Everything we do is intended to benefit you, our patient.
  • Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

How it Works

At Medsarc Super specialty clinics, we’ve made it simple and easy for you. We bring all specialists and super specialists together to work on your diseases and find a solution for the same. This multi-disciplinary (MDT) approach allows us to treat, multiple diseases at one time and also helps us to put the core disease to reminiscence or reversal.

In the existing healthcare system, there is poor coordination among various specialties, hence it compromises patient care. The patient has to go to multiple windows for various consults, billings, investigations, etc. This tiring approach results in angst,  negativity towards the system/disease, and frustration. At Medsarc we have tried to synchronize this and we wish to provide a single-door approach where various specialties sit and discuss your case and provide solutions. In this way, we can provide comprehensive care in one place, without delays.

Curious about how it works?
This is how our process works

  • Identification

    Whenever a patient comes to us, we first identify his core problem and then identify all off-shooting conditions caused due to it.

  • Integrative Plan

    Once we identify the disease and its impact on various organ systems, we make a team of doctors who create a coordinated, high-quality approach for you.

  • Action Plan & Monitoring

    It's a collaborative process that brings doctors, patients, and their families together. This Action Plan helps patients work on an effective strategy that not just one doctor designs - but a team of health professionals, to get the best results for you.

  • Results

    Tracking results is essential. The first three steps set up things right, the fourth one helps doctors, patients, and their families effectively track the progress.

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