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Ms. Mukti Wadhwa has been a passionate nutritionist and wellness coach, with specialization in Diabetes management for the last ten years. She has been trained and educated in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition from Delhi University, after which she did her Masters in Food technology. Her unique blend of knowledge about clinical nutrition, and the ever evolving food industry, has been utilized by both health care sectors (Global hospital & research center, Mt Abu, and Center of Diabetes and Allied Sciences, Gurugram) as Dietitian and Diabetes Educator and with FMCG brands like Nestle and start up companies like Wingreen farms pvt. Ltd as Nutrition Consultant and a Control Manager respectively and in online nutrition coaching forums as Diabetes Coach. She is now working as a free lance nutrition consultant, in Gurgaon, offering services to optimize health, in medical illnesses, and running continuous improvement projects (CIP), for obesity and diabetes management.


• Msc Food Technology

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Ms. Mukti Wadhwa has an overall experience of 10 years. 



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